Login Protected Videos

Note: Login Protection is only available with certain plans. Please contact support@sproutvideo.com with any questions.

What is Login Protection

Login protected videos are a powerful way to control and monitor who is accessing your videos. Login protection allows you to assign multiple logins to your videos. For each login, you can specify:

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Time access begins
  • Time access ends
  • How many times the login may be used
  • Dynamic Watermarking
  • Which versions (SD, HD, Original Copy) of the video are downloadable, if any

When you enable login protection for your videos, we track the following information with each action taken:

  • User
  • Time of action
  • Action Taken (Login, Load, Play)
  • Website where the action occurred
  • IP address of the user who performed the action

How to Set Up Login Protection?

This video covers everything you need to know to start using Login Protection. We will explain how to enable login protection, how to create a viewer login, and how to grant a viewer login access to your videos.

Please refer to any of the links below for more information about setting up login protected videos:

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