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Upload your videos, control access, and share them across multiple platforms. You decide how the world sees your live and on-demand video content with easy-to-use features, like:

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Accelerate business growth with reliable video hosting

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, SproutVideo has tools for every team, from Sales and Marketing to Finance and HR.

A video hosting platform for video security, marketing, engagement, and organization.

  • Image of the SproutVideo player and some video privacy options on the SproutVideo platform

    Top-Tier Security Features

    Control how you share your content with our advanced video security features. Including password protection, login protection, restricted access by IP, geographic location, and more.

  • Image of sample analytics and engagement data available on the SproutVideo platform

    Real-Time Analytics and Engagement

    See live stream and on-demand video metrics in real-time. Our detailed analytics help you get to know your audience and learn valuable information about your viewers’ behavior.

  • Image of a stylized sample video website overlayed on top of the SproutVideo platform video library page

    Effortless Sharing and Publishing

    Upload video files to share and showcase your videos and live streams with our hosted video websites, easily custom-tailored for your brand in just a few clicks. Folders and tags keep your content organized.

  • Image of the SproutVideo platform team member management table

    Invite Your Whole Team

    Add team members to your SproutVideo account and collaborate with ease. Keep track of your team’s activity with user permissions and account activity audit logs.


SproutVideo Seed Plan Icon
/ mo.
Master any video strategy with a powerful suite of core features, for solo entrepreneur to enterprise C-suite.
  • White label on-demand video hosting and live streaming
  • Analytics & engagement
  • Video marketing tools: lead capture, calls-to-action, CRM integrations, etc.
  • 100 GB of storage and bandwidth
  • No usage caps!


SproutVideo Sprout Plan Icon
/ mo.
Flexible security options for your content with restricted viewer login protection, and a customizable video website.
  • Everything on Seed +
  • Additional security with restricted viewer login protection
  • Customizable video website
  • 350 GB of storage and bandwidth included with no usage caps
  • 1 hour of live stream input + 50 hours of live stream delivery included


SproutVideo Tree Plan Icon
/ mo.
Ideal for teams. Account activity log. Deter screen recording with watermarks. Advanced video site options.
  • Everything on Sprout +
  • Dynamic watermarks and signed embeds to prevent unauthorized use
  • Advanced video website customization
  • 1 TB of storage and bandwidth
  • 2 hours of live stream input + 100 hours of live stream delivery


SproutVideo Forest Plan Icon
/ mo.
Easy enterprise-level tools. Exportable reports, top-tier security, and premium support for custom solutions.
  • Everything on Tree +
  • Top-tier security: SSO for viewer login, restrict playback by geo and IP
  • Detailed, exportable reports
  • Dedicated rep with phone support
  • 2 TB of storage and bandwidth
  • 6 hours of live stream input + 200 hours of live stream delivery
Photo of a SproutVideo customer from Royal Caribbean Group

We use SproutVideo to host commercial videos for performing ad tests. We really love the service and the security it offers!

Kristina, Director of Consumer Insights for Royal Caribbean Group

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Common questions when selecting a video hosting platform

Why choose SproutVideo over other 3rd-party video hosting services?

SproutVideo offers all of the video hosting and live stream broadcasting features to meet your business goals. You gain access to enterprise-level tools tailored for both internal and external communication, video marketing, security, analytics, and more. We offer all of these features with fair and transparent pricing while providing best-in-class, live customer support.

Our intuitive video platform makes it easy to host videos online with complete control of your content. If you're still not convinced, check out our Knowledge Base for a detailed breakdown, or see what our customers have to say. You can also start your free 30 day trial to test out all our features and see for yourself with no credit card or commitment.

What makes SproutVideo different from free choices like YouTube or Vimeo?

SproutVideo is differentiated in many ways. We do not run ads on any videos or live streams hosted on our platform; we do not link to other “related” content on our platform after yours concludes; we do not put our logo or branding on the video player; we provide all the tools you need for video marketing and security; we offer hosted landing pages and video websites to quickly and easily share your videos. Plus, we provide live customer support with dedicated Customer Success representatives.

Is it better to host my own videos or use a video hosting site?

Self-hosting videos requires uploading and managing video content on the same server as your website. However, self-hosting also requires a lot of time and resources. Without significant technical investment and support, self-hosted video content is vulnerable to security threats. In addition, uploading large video files slows down site performance, and increases costs with high storage needs. Videos aren’t guaranteed to work on all devices and generally will not perform well when the viewer’s location is distant from the server.

In order to efficiently deliver videos to as many viewers as possible, they must be encoded, compressed, and processed into many different formats. Videos must also be dynamically served in those different formats to ensure a seamless experience. While this is possible to do when self-hosting, it's very costly.

When hosting your videos with SproutVideo, all of this technical heavy lifting is seamlessly handled for you. Learn more about hosting videos to use on your website.

Can I host on-demand videos (VOD) and live streams with SproutVideo?

Yes! All SproutVideo plans include on-demand video hosting and live streaming with an ad-free, customizable player. Your live stream broadcasts can automatically be converted to an on-demand video when your broadcast has ended, so your viewers won't have to miss a minute. Upload videos and broadcast live, all in one platform.

Are there any viewer limits on videos or live streams?

We do not limit the number of people who can watch any of your videos or live streams hosted by SproutVideo. You can easily track how popular your videos and live streams are with your account usage and analytics reports, which include detailed information about bandwidth and live delivery.

However, you may choose to limit your audience by enabling login protection for your content. When your videos and live streams are login protected, viewers must enter credentials to watch. You have complete control over the creation of viewer login credentials to allow access your login protected content, as well as the number of times each viewer may login to watch your content. The subscription plan you select will determine the number of viewer logins you are able to create.

You may also want to restrict where your videos and live streams can be accessed by whitelisting specific domains, IP addresses, or geographic locations. Learn more about restricting your audience and access to your video content.

What support is available to me if I need help with my video hosting setup?

In addition to our extensive platform knowledge base, our best-in-class Customer Success team can be contacted any time via email, and via live chat during US East Coast business hours.

Select subscription plans will also have a dedicated Customer Success representative to assist with any questions or custom solutions, and a phone call or video demo with your dedicated representative may be requested at any time.

What happens once my free 30 day trial period ends?

When your trial ends, you are prompted to activate your account by selecting a subscription plan so you can continue working with your awesome content on our platform. If you do not activate when the 30 day free trial is complete, the videos in your account will stop playing. You will have 21 days to activate your account after the end of your trial before your account is closed and the content in your account are deleted.