Innovative brands trust SproutVideo to protect their live and on-demand video content

How businesses & organizations use SproutVideo to secure videos

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Learning & Development

Organizations, institutions, and trainers with proprietary Growth and Development (G&D), Learning and Development (L&D), or online education programs

  • Authenticate access with password and login protection and Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Monitor attendance, video engagement, learning outcomes, and compliance with individual viewer tracking and heat maps.
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Corporate Communications

Organizations with confidential corporate and digital communications initiatives

  • Safeguard sensitive content from unauthorized access and sharing by controlling access through viewer login protection, whitelisted domains and IP addresses, and geo-restrictions.
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Media & Content

Media companies, entrepreneurs, advertising agencies, and organizations that monetize video content

  • Prevent unauthorized access to ensure secure content reviews through login protection, whitelisted domains, and approved IP addresses.
  • Monetize and safeguard intellectual property from unauthorized distribution and piracy with dynamic watermarks.
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After careful research, we selected SproutVideo for both the ease of use and the level of security offered. Since we sell online courses, it is critical that our content be protected. SproutVideo has provided wonderful protection for our content.

Andrea M., CEO, E-Learning

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Advanced private video hosting controls for enterprise-level protection

Image of the SproutVideo player and some video privacy options on the SproutVideo platform

Prevent Unwanted Access

Control the method and level of security for your content.

  • Private Video Uploads ensure videos only appear where intended
  • Password Protection allows you to share with select people
  • Viewer Login Protection helps control and monitor who can access your videos
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Screenshot of advanced security and whitelist access options on the SproutVideo platform

Manage Viewer Access

Protect your video assets across channels.

  • Whitelisted Domains limit where your video can load and play by domain
  • Allowed IP Addresses restrict who can view your video by IP address
  • Geographic Restrictions designate the countries and regions where videos can play
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Stylized example of viewer engagement metrics in the SproutVideo platform

Monitor Viewer Engagement

Track viewer engagement data account-wide and per video.

  • Individual Viewer Tracking reveals end-to-end session data and individual viewer profiles
  • Engagement Heat Maps disclose how viewers interact with your videos
  • Export Reports provide in-depth viewer and account activity analysis
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Deter Theft and Unwanted Sharing

Level-up with advanced security features to protect your videos.

  • Dynamic Watermarks display viewer information on-screen to deter theft
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) requires viewer authentication through your Identity Provider
  • Signed Embed Codes safeguard embed codes and prevent reuse with timed expiration
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I own a software services company, and have used SproutVideo for over 10 years. In addition to marketing videos, I use it to securely share demonstration videos of our platform with clients that I store behind a password — the security and ease of watching are the best feature.

Sam S. CEO, B2B SaaS

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SproutVideo Seed Plan Icon
/ mo.
Master any video strategy with a powerful suite of core features, for solo entrepreneur to enterprise C-suite.
  • White label on-demand video hosting and live streaming
  • Analytics & engagement
  • Video marketing tools: lead capture, calls-to-action, CRM integrations, etc.
  • 100 GB of storage and bandwidth
  • No usage caps!


SproutVideo Sprout Plan Icon
/ mo.
Flexible security options for your content with restricted viewer login protection, and a customizable video website.
  • Everything on Seed +
  • Additional security with restricted viewer login protection
  • Customizable video website
  • 350 GB of storage and bandwidth included with no usage caps
  • 1 hour of live stream input + 50 hours of live stream delivery included


SproutVideo Tree Plan Icon
/ mo.
Ideal for teams. Account activity log. Deter screen recording with watermarks. Advanced video site options.
  • Everything on Sprout +
  • Dynamic watermarks and signed embeds to prevent unauthorized use
  • Advanced video website customization
  • 1 TB of storage and bandwidth
  • 2 hours of live stream input + 100 hours of live stream delivery


SproutVideo Forest Plan Icon
/ mo.
Easy enterprise-level tools. Exportable reports, top-tier security, and premium support for custom solutions.
  • Everything on Tree +
  • Top-tier security: SSO for viewer login, restrict playback by geo and IP
  • Detailed, exportable reports
  • Dedicated rep with phone support
  • 2 TB of storage and bandwidth
  • 6 hours of live stream input + 200 hours of live stream delivery

Common questions when selecting a secure video hosting platform

How do I ensure I am sharing videos privately?

Many video hosting providers offer fundamental security measures but lack features to protect sensitive or confidential content. Password protection is an essential starting point, but when hosting on public video-sharing platforms, your content may be visible to anyone, even if they can't directly access it without the password.

To ensure you're sharing videos privately, in addition to password protection, consider activating other security features like domain, IP address, and geo-location restrictions (aka domain, IP address, and geo-location whitelisting); viewer login permissions; dynamic video watermarks; signed embed codes; single-sign-on for viewers, and two-factor authentication. Also, use account activity audit logs to track or control who views the content after sharing a password.

Publicly hosting your video means you abide by the video hosting platform's terms of service and privacy policies, which may affect the confidentiality or security of your sensitive content. We encourage you to review these terms to ensure they comply with your security requirements.

Read more about privacy options on the SproutVideo platform.

What makes SproutVideo different from free choices like YouTube or Vimeo?

SproutVideo is differentiated in many ways. We do not run ads on any videos or live streams hosted on our platform; we do not link to other “related” content on our platform after yours concludes; we do not put our logo or branding on the video player; we provide all the tools you need for video marketing and security; we offer hosted landing pages and websites to quickly and easily share your videos. Plus, we provide live customer support with dedicated Customer Success representatives.

Can I prevent viewers from downloading my videos?

Yes! By default, viewers are not able to download your videos. You do have the option to allow downloads for all videos account-wide or on a per-video basis. You can also allow only certain viewers to download videos by granting them access using viewer login protection.

Why should I add watermarks to my videos?

There are multiple types of watermarks. Standard static watermarks are generally used to ensure content is branded with a logo, and they do very little to deter theft.

Conversely, dynamic watermarks dissuade viewers from recording their screen by displaying their email address, IP address, and session ID directly on-screen. Dynamic watermarks also randomly change position, making it very difficult to obscure if any viewer does attempt to record and repost your videos.

Learn more about how dynamic watermarks can improve your video security.

What is viewer login protection and what are the benefits?

Login-protected videos offer many advantages for controlling and monitoring access to your content. The main advantage is that your content cannot be accessed until the viewer is logged in. If your full video website is enabled and after a viewer logs in to your site, the viewer can view, search, and discover all permission-granted videos.

SproutVideo also offers monitoring features for your login-protected videos, including details on the viewer, time of viewing session, actions taken, URL where the video was accessed, and the viewer's IP address.

Other login protection features include settings to limit the number of login uses, dynamic watermarking that displays a viewer's email address on the video, and settings to enable optional download by version (SD, HD, Original Copy).

Why choose SproutVideo over other video hosting services?

SproutVideo offers all of the video hosting and live stream broadcasting features to meet your business goals. With enterprise-level tools tailored for both internal and external communication, video marketing, security, analytics, and more. We offer all of these features with fair and transparent pricing while providing best-in-class, live customer support.

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to host videos online with complete control of your content. If you're still not convinced, check out our Knowledge Base for a detailed breakdown, or see what our customers have to say. You can also start your free 30 day trial to test out all our features and see for yourself with no commitment.