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We Love Trees đź’š

SproutVideo is a proud supporter of the National Forest Foundation's tree planting and reforestation initiatives. Our ongoing contributions have facilitated planting over 11,000 trees to date. The NFF is one of the largest and most reputable non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of saving and rebuilding forests damaged by wildfires, natural disasters, and disease.

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On behalf of the National Forest Foundation, I extend heartfelt gratitude to SproutVideo for their unwavering commitment as stewards of the environment through NFF’s Sapling Program. SproutVideo has exemplified dedication by planting an impressive 11,300 trees! Through their support for planting trees, SproutVideo contributes to cleaner air and water, fosters improved wildlife habitat, and enhances biodiversity. Thank you for being a vital force in this mission to restore and protect these treasured places!

Abby Schembra, National Forest Foundation Reforestation Team

Why is it so important to plant trees?

  • A single tree in one year produces approximately 260 pounds of oxygen

  • One tree absorbs as much carbon per year as a car produces driving 26,000 miles

  • Water from national forests provides drinking water for about 60 million people

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SproutVideo cares about our national forests

Caring for our national forests is just one of our corporate values. Learn more about SproutVideo on our About page.