Who Can See Private Videos? Who Can See Public Videos?

Private Videos

Private videos can only be seen when you, or any member of your SproutVideo team, are logged into your SproutVideo account. They will not be accessible on any SproutVideo-hosted landing page (also referred to as the share URL). However, private videos can be embedded on your website, outside of the SproutVideo platform, so anyone with access to your website will also be able to see your video.

Please note that SproutVideo user videos are never showcased on SproutVideo.com. If you are concerned with the privacy of your videos, you should keep them set to private, password protected, or logic protected. By default, videos are uploaded as private.

Public Videos

Public videos and the SproutVideo-hosted landing page (share URL) will be accessible by anyone.

While user videos are not showcased on SproutVideo.com and are not actively linked to throughout our publicly accessible site, any public video landing page is accessible by anyone on the internet. If you are concerned with the privacy of your videos, you should never make them public. However, you can choose to block search engine indexing to limit the likelihood of someone finding your public video.

If your account has a full video website enabled, your public video(s) will be listed on any video listing page, and anyone with access to your SproutVideo-hosted video website will be able to navigate to your video landing pages. You can set any public video’s visibility to be unlisted from your video website if you only want the video accessible through the direct share URL.

Check out our Overview of Video Privacy Settings if you’re still unsure about your video security.

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