What is a Playlist and How to Use it

A playlist is a series of videos that play in an order you determine. You can embed a playlist like a regular video, or you can link to a playlist on a SproutVideo.com landing page. Editing the videos contained in a playlist will not change the playlist URL or the playlist embed code, and you can do so at any time. The changes will be reflected on the playlist landing page and the embedded playlist automatically.

Playlists do not contain actual copies of your videos, so your video files are not duplicated when you create playlists. Rather, they simply reference your uploaded videos. Deleting a playlist will not delete the videos it contains from your account. If you delete the original video from your account, it will also be removed from every playlist it had been added to.

Playlists can be used in a number of ways, including:

  • To play a pre-roll video, such as an advertisement, before the main video in a playlist
  • To present chapters of a long video sequentially
  • To display a series of informative or product videos so viewers can pick the ones they want to watch

You can also generate a playlist report that will list all of your playlist data in a spreadsheet.

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