Sharing Your Videos

How to Share Your Videos

SproutVideo provides a variety of ways to share your content. In order to share a video with someone, the video needs to be public, password protected, or login protected. If the video is private, no one but you will be able to see the video unless it is embedded on a external webpage.

Sharing a Video Using the Video Website or Video Landing Page

To quickly copy a URL to share your video go to the ‘Videos’ page and select the video you would like to share. You can hover your cursor over the ‘Share Video URL’ and click to copy it or use the ‘Share Video’ shortcut menu to quickly select the sharing option you would like to use.

Customize Your Video Website or Video Landing Page

The video website is a customizable gallery of your video content. Select ‘Site Editor’ at the top of your screen. There, you will find the themes available for the video sites, and many other customization options. You can select a theme, upload your logo, pick your site colors, and change your URL. You can also disable the full video website if you would only like to share one video at a time on your customized landing pages.

Embed a Video

To embed a video go to the ‘Videos’ page and select the video you would like to embed. You’ll find the default embed code we provide underneath the video player on the righthand side of your screen.

The Inline embed code will display a video directly on the page where the code is embedded. The Lighbox embed code will display a thumbnail image for your video on a webpage which, when clicked, launches a video player overlay on the page. You can also customize the inline and lightbox embed codes to work for your desired use case.

Learn more about sharing your videos here.

Note: If you need a Direct MP4 Video Asset URL you can read more about Direct Video File Access here.

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