Name Your Video Site and Add a Logo

Picking a name for your video site is an important part of your branding, as is uploading a logo for your site.

Picking a Site Name

To pick a name for your site, select the ‘Site Editor’ button at the top of your page. From there, navigate to the ‘Personalize’ tab and enter your desired site name in the corresponding field. You can then continue to make other changes to your video website, or click ‘Publish Changes’ to push your site name live.

The Site Name appears as your site title (for search engines and at the top of your browser window), the copyright at the bottom of the page, and the header of your site. If you upload a logo, it will appear alongside your Site Name.

NOTE: If you only want the logo to appear in your header, leave the Site Name field blank. If you do not enter a Site Name, and do not upload a logo, we will use the Company Name specified in your Account Settings instead for your site header, title, and copyright.

Adding a logo to your site will help your visitors recognize your video website and help keep your site’s appearance consistent with other web properties you own. It will also enhance the look of your website.

To upload a logo, click ‘+ Add Site Logo’ while in the Site Editor section of your SproutVideo account, navigate to the desired file on your computer, and click ‘Open.’ You can then continue to make other changes to your video website, or click ‘Publish Changes’ to publish your logo on your live site.

Your logo image will show up in the header of your site along side your site name. For best results, use a PNG file that is tightly cropped around your logo with a transparent background. You can also use GIF and JPG files. The max file size that we accept is 500KB.

Pick a Name and Upload a Logo for your video website hosted by SproutVideo

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