Release Notes for Q1 2024, Jan - Mar

March 22, 2024

Video Player Options

Video Websites

March 8, 2024

Video Websites

Poster Frames

  • New Feature: We’ve added the ability for users to download the Generated Video Thumbnails. This allows you to easily repurpose the static or animated thumbnails, including the play button, which can be helpful in certain workflows.

January 22, 2024

Video Websites

  • Improved: [Rosewood Theme] Enhancements made to the Rosewood theme for more flexibility and better handling of responsive design with SproutVideo-hosted video websites.

Video Security

  • Improved: We’ve updated the interface for granting access to login-protected videos to more easily allow your viewers to access your videos for extended periods of time spanning multiple years.

Marketing Integrations

  • Fix: Updated our HubSpot integration for new HubSpot requirements to ensure the SproutVideo Embed module is installed automatically for all new connections. The SproutVideo Embed module allows you to search your SproutVideo library to seamlessly add videos to your HubSpot-hosted pages.
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