How SproutVideo Billing Works

At SproutVideo, we always want your bill to be straightforward and easy to comprehend. We send all important communications about your account by email, including all matters related to your monthly bill, so make sure that the email address associated with your SproutVideo account is actively monitored.

You Are Billed on a Recurring Monthly Basis

We bill all subscribers on a recurring monthly basis, and charge the credit card we have on file. We only accept major credit cards at this time.

When you activate your account, you are billed in advance for the coming month of service at a rate that corresponds with your selected plan level. You are also billed for the previous month’s extra bandwidth and storage GBs as well as any additional live input and live delivery minutes used. You will be billed on the same date each month unless you switch plans or cancel your account, which you can do at anytime.

Changing Plans

If you switch plans, you may see an account credit reflecting the number of unused days on your old plan level in addition to the charge for the coming month of service on the new plan, as well as any additional usage fees you may have incurred. You can switch plans at anytime, and doing so will change your billing date to the day of the month on which you changed plans.

If you ever have any questions about an invoice, contact our support team right away.

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