How to Enable AirPlay

How AirPlay works

AirPlay is an insecure method of streaming content from an Apple device to an external device, typically a television. By default, SproutVideo does not allow AirPlay streaming for videos as we want your videos to be as secure as possible. However, we do provide the option to reduce this level of security if you prefer to allow AirPlay.

How to enable AirPlay for a single video

To enable AirPlay for a single video, navigate to that video within your SproutVideo account. On the video detail page, scroll down and expand the Additional Video Settings to find the Advanced Sharing & Security Options at the bottom of the settings panel. Click the toggle switch for “Reduced Security to allow AirPlay” to switch it to ON, then click “Save Changes.”

Enable AirPlay for an individual video

How to allow AirPlay for all videos in your account

If you’d like to allow AirPlay for all videos in your account and set this as your account default, navigate to your Account Settings, then go to Video Settings from the left navigation menu. Scroll down to the “Reduced Security to allow Airplay” option and set the toggle switch to YES to “Use reduced security streaming to enable AirPlay” then click the green “Save Video Settings” button below.

Enable AirPlay as account-wide default

NOTE: Individual video settings take precedence over account-wide default settings so you always have detailed control over each video.

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