As the popularity of AI skyrockets, hundreds of companies are jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon. With an overwhelming amount of AI tools on the market, we tested over 30 different AI script writers to see which tools actually produce quality results. 

Many creatives are (rightfully) skeptical of AI’s ability to generate original, engaging ideas. But marketing videos don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Like a good pop song that plays too many times on the radio, marketing videos follow tried-and-true formulas — which AI can mimic. 

To produce humanlike content, AI script generators employ natural language processors, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. But how good can an AI scriptwriter really be? Let’s find out! 

We tested over 30 AI script generators; here are three options that produced the highest-quality results when writing a video script.

The goal wasn’t to create a small list, but we had high standards for the AI script-writing tools. These three tools delivered professional results. We’ve also included tips on how to write effective AI prompts and example results from each script-writing tool we’ve featured.  

How to Create Effective AI Scriptwriting Prompts

The results of AI-generated writing are limited to the information you provide in your prompt. 

Therefore, it’s important to over-explain the parameters of what you want the AI to generate, rather than leaving it to make its own assumptions about tone of voice, ideal audience, and other similar details. 

Your prompt should include all of the information you want to be reflected in the generated script. This might be creative, product, or brand information. 

We’ve created a template (below) for a general marketing video script. Replace the bolded text with information from your marketing video brief to utilize the template with an AI writing tool. 

Spending a few minutes creating a detailed prompt is essential to getting the most out of AI script writing tools. This prompt covers all of the most important information AI needs to create a marketing video script for your product and company. 

AI Video Marketing Prompt Template

Write a video script for [Company Name]. This company offers [Product or Service] that [Unique Selling Points]. This is a [Type of Video] video and should be no more than [Length of Video].

The ideal audience for this video is [Targeted Audience]. The goal of the video is [Campaign Goal]. The video’s tone should be [Tone], in the style of [Theme, Brand, or Video URL].

The purpose of this video is to [Intended Viewer Experience] with the goal of persuading viewers to [Video Call to Action]. The video should be structured as follows:

[Outline of Video Structure; Example:
  • Illustrate the problem or pain point.
  • Showcase the solution: the product.
  • Explain further details and how it works.
  • Present a call to action.]

When writing your prompt, add or remove details as needed. To create varying results or use AI as a brainstorming tool, experiment with the amount of information you provide. 

Other information you might include:

  • Product or Service Details 
  • Video Setting or Location
  • Live-action, Animated, Webcam, Studio, etc.
  • Number of Actors or Voice Actors 

Note: AI output can be improved with follow-up prompts. You can specifically point out a desired change or even just ask AI to “try again.” 

3 Best AI Script Writers for High-Quality Videos 

Of the 30+ AI writing tools we tested, only three made the cut for generating high-quality scripts for marketing videos. 

Most AI writing tools use the same machine learning model: OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

OpenAI has established several contracts with third-party companies, which allow them to utilize the network in specific, limited ways. We will note what AI model each respective tool uses as we discuss them.

We created the prompt below using the template provided. The goal of the prompt is to generate a 30-second explainer video script for an organic, minimalist makeup brand.

We used this same prompt when testing each AI script generator.

Write a video script for XYZ Makeup. This company offers organic makeup and brushes that are ideal for people with sensitive skin who prefer a minimalist daily routine. This is an explainer video and should be no more than 30 seconds. The ideal audience for this video is affluent women in their 30s. The goal of the video is brand awareness using the emotional hook of an idealized minimalist, organic lifestyle. The tone of the video should be elegant yet down-to-earth. The purpose of this video is to create an emotional connection with the brand, with the goal of persuading viewers to visit the website.
The video should be structured as follows:
  • Illustrate the problem or pain point.
  • Showcase the solution: the product.
  • Explain further details and how it works.
  • Present a call to action.

1. ChatGPT: Best Free Tool

You don’t need to pay for a script-writing tool to produce solid results with AI. This is perhaps the most surprising thing we learned while testing these AI writing tools. 

Since most AI writing tools use some version of ChatGPT, we figured it was worth starting with the free version of ChatGPT for comparison with the paid tools featured below. 

At the time of writing, ChatGPT-3.5 is OpenAI’s free tier. 

To test ChatGPT, we input the prompt four separate times. The AI produced slightly different scripts each time, even though we did not change the prompt. 

Each new iteration provided more detail and dynamism in the shot imagery and text. The following script was the fourth script generated using the prompt.

ChatGPT-Generated Video Script

[Opening shot: A serene bedroom with soft natural light filtering through sheer curtains. Gentle, uplifting music plays in the background. A woman in her 30s stands before a vanity mirror, looking contemplative.]
Narrator (V.O.): (Warm and empathetic tone) Life’s beauty shouldn’t come at the cost of your skin’s comfort.
[Cut to a close-up of the woman’s hand hesitating over traditional makeup products.]
Narrator (V.O.): (Understanding) Sensitive skin deserves a better story.
[Quick sequence of the woman applying traditional makeup, her skin showing signs of irritation.]
Narrator (V.O.): (Compassionate) It’s time to rewrite that story.
[Transition to a picturesque garden, where the woman sits, surrounded by nature. She picks up XYZ Makeup’s organic products and brushes.]
Narrator (V.O.): Introducing XYZ Makeup – where nature becomes your canvas.
[Show a series of close-ups highlighting the organic makeup products and brushes.]
Narrator (V.O.): Our organic blends enhance your beauty, while embracing your skin’s well-being.
[Quick cuts of the woman applying XYZ Makeup products, her skin looking radiant and comfortable.]
Narrator (V.O.): (Inspiring) Experience the joy of a minimalist routine – a graceful dance between luxury and simplicity.
[Cut to the woman confidently strolling through a charming street, exuding confidence.]
Narrator (V.O.): (Inviting) It’s time to embrace your skin’s true potential with XYZ Makeup.
[Zoom in on the XYZ Makeup logo, accompanied by a soft chime. Text appears on the screen: “Discover More at”]
Narrator (V.O.): Elevate your everyday ritual. Explore XYZ Makeup today.
[Closing shot: The woman stands on a hill, overlooking a serene landscape, a serene smile gracing her lips.]
Narrator (V.O.): XYZ Makeup – Beauty, Naturally Yours.
[End with the logo and website link on the screen as the music fades out.]

ChatGPT produced a solid script from the setting and visual elements to the copy and potential business taglines. There’s nothing fantastically original here, but it tells an emotional story well without becoming cliché or using overly-flowery language to convey luxurious femininity.


  • Free Version with Unlimited Generations: There is no limit to the number of content generations you can produce with ChatGPT. It’s also easy to ask ChatGPT to rewrite or improve its output. 
  • Industry Leader & Content Source: As stated, most AI writing tools have contracts with OpenAI to use its technology. It makes sense, then, that going straight to the source would produce results on (at least) the same level as paid tools using this model.


  • No Prompts or Templates Provided: ChatGPT doesn’t provide templates like paid AI writing tools. These templates allow you to plug in information without formally writing a prompt. This isn’t an issue if you are accustomed to writing detailed prompts. 
  • Potential Delays with Free Version: The server is sometimes too busy, causing delays. But these are uncommon hiccups in an otherwise seamless generative experience. ChatGPT-4, the paid version ($20/mo), removes the potential for delays.

Cost: Free

2. Jasper: Best Text Generation

Jasper integrates multiple AI models to produce some of the most dynamic results across tools. The AI models it utilizes include ChatGPT, PalM (Google), Anthropic, and Cohere.

It also allows you to upload brand and campaign information, saving you the trouble of constantly reiterating standard information about your company to the AI. Instead, the tool remembers this information and contextually incorporates it where relevant. 

We input the prompt several times when testing the tool. It’s important to produce multiple variations when using AI to create a high-quality script. This allows you to initiate a collaborative process with AI that creates better results overall. 

We also used both the “blank document,” which allows you to start from scratch, and the “Video Script Outline,” template offered as part of Jasper’s service. Both produced sufficient results, but the experience of using a blank document mimics tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. This created a more natural-feeling user experience and ease of conversing with the Jasper AI. 

Jasper-Generated Video Script

[Opening Scene: Narrator’s voice smooth and soothing over visuals of nature]
Narrator (V.O.): Life keeps moving at a fast pace for the contemporary woman, adding more tasks to an already overflowing plate. Navigating this chaos with sensitive skin? It’s a game of doubles.
[Problem Scene: Visuals of a concerned woman holding cosmetics filled with chemicals]
Narrator (V.O.): Ever stopped to question what’s hidden in your beauty products? A slew of synthetics, aggressive chemicals – they’re not doing your skin or our world any favors.
[Solution Scene: Switch to our product, showing organic materials and chic packaging]
Narrator (V.O.): Enter XYZ Cosmetics – your skin’s best friend. Our pared-down, organic line takes an oath to honor both your skin and Mother Earth.
[Product Details Scene: Close-up shots of a woman applying our product smoothly]
Narrator (V.O.): Formulated for delicate skin, XYZ is the soft touch your face has been longing for. Our brushes, as eco-friendly as they are plush, create an effortless sweep for a natural, impeccable look.
[Call to Action Scene: Visuals of our website with a warm, enticing tone]
Narrator (V.O.): Immerse yourself in the beauty of simplicity. Replace the superfluous with the exquisite. Dive into and join us in the organic, minimalist journey. Your skin, and our planet, will show their gratitude.

Jasper excels in producing copy that genuinely mimics human language and captures the desired tone. Jasper isn’t built to write scripts, and that’s most apparent in the lack of visual direction included in the script above. 

However, Jasper took follow-up instructions extremely well. The second example script below was produced with two follow-up requests, “try again with more visual direction,” then “try again with a setting in a unique location.” 

Rewrite of Jasper-Generated Video Script

[Scene: A sunlit, airy artist’s loft, the early morning light spilling through the large factory windows, casting a soft glow on the woman]
Narrator (V.O.): In the heart of the city, where the hum of life never fades, she finds her tranquility. XYZ Makeup, her partner in carving out moments of self-care amidst the bustling metropolis.
[The camera pans to showcase the cityscape beyond the window, then returns to the woman, sitting by an easel, a palette of XYZ Makeup beside her]
Narrator (V.O.): Crafted with the essence of nature, our products lend themselves seamlessly to her lifestyle, enhancing her natural beauty, not hiding it.
[Scene transitions to her mirror, reflecting the city’s skyline. She applies the makeup gently, each stroke a testament to self-love]
Narrator (V.O.): Gentle on your skin, yet bold in their statement, XYZ Makeup is for every woman who celebrates her uniqueness.
[Final scene: The woman facing the window, the cityscape behind her reflecting in the mirror. Her face is radiant, her eyes sparkling with a confident glow]
Narrator (V.O.): XYZ Makeup, marrying the simplicity of nature with the dynamism of city life. Unveil your radiant self.
[Screen fades to the company logo and website, amidst the cityscape]
Narrator (V.O.): Visit our website today and let XYZ Makeup accompany you on your journey to self-expression.


  • The Best AI Copy Writing for Marketing: Jasper was built to make creating copy for marketing campaigns efficient and easier. There are a lot of exciting features, like content repurposing, that we have yet to explore. 
  • Employs Multiple AI Models: As mentioned, Jasper is the only AI writing tool that transparently integrates multiple machine learning models, including ChatGPT, PalM (Google), Anthropic, and Cohere. This allows Jasper to generate higher-quality copy. 


  • Took the Structure Too Seriously: The prompt includes specific instructions on the desired structure of the video. This is meant to help the AI create an explainer video script. However, Jasper often prioritized the Video Structure Outline to a limiting degree. This made us want to remove that part of the prompt, resulting in a less focused script overall. 
  • Mediocre Workflow: Jasper silos Documents and Templates in different sections of the tool. When writing within a document, you can ask Jasper to produce content, but you can’t easily trigger a template. Instead, you must start with the template and export the text into a document (by clicking a button). This creates a poor and, at times, frustrating workflow when trying to create content. 

Cost: Starts at $39/mo

3. Hoppy Copy: Best User Experience

Hoppy Copy sets itself apart with an easy-to-use platform and effective templates. Although advertised as the AI for marketing emails, Hoppy Copy has something for every aspect of a marketing campaign. In fact, it’s one of the few tools we tested that includes a dedicated Video Script Template. 

In many ways, Hoppy Copy excels where Jasper falls short and vice versa. Both tools offer the ability to save brand information that AI can automatically integrate. Hoppy Copy provides the best user experience by far but can’t quite keep up with the quality of writing Jasper generates. 

In fact, it’s unknown what AI models Hoppy Copy uses. When we reached out, this was the company response, “We can’t say exactly the models we use, but we do use OpenAI.” 

Despite this lack of transparency, Hoppy Copy feels like a tool built for longevity. As artificial intelligence continues to improve, the platform Hoppy Copy has created will only become more of an asset to users. 

Hoppy Copy-Generated Video Script

[Fade in to a woman in her 30s, wearing minimal makeup and sitting in a pristine and luxurious living space. Soft music plays in the background.]
Woman (V.O.): We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes the daily makeup routine can feel like a burden.
[Cut to a close-up of a selection of organic makeup products from XYZ Makeup]
Woman (V.O.): Introducing XYZ Makeup, the perfect solution for those who favor a minimalist lifestyle and have sensitive skin.
[Cut to a woman in a butterfly-filled garden, using the XYZ Makeup brushes to apply makeup]
Woman (V.O.): XYZ Makeup offers organic, all-natural makeup and brushes that are gentle yet effective.
[Cut to a close-up of the woman’s face, looking natural and stunning]
Woman (V.O.): Achieve the look you want with minimal effort—no more fuss, no more stress.
[Cut to the woman standing up, arms outstretched, looking towards the sky]
Woman (V.O.): Experience the ultimate in luxury and ease with XYZ Makeup. Visit our website today and experience the power of organic makeup.
[Fade to the XYZ Makeup logo and website URL]

This script illustrates one of the most powerful benefits of using AI to create video scripts: randomly great ideas. The script above outlines a scene in which, “a woman in a butterfly-filled garden [is] using the XYZ Makeup brushes to apply makeup.” This incredibly vivid image could become the setting for the entire commercial, lending to an engaging 30-second advertisement. 

In general, this ability to play around with the output from Hoppy Copy is one of its greatest assets. The tool splits your screen in half, allowing the left side to be AI Chat or a built-in template, while the right side is a live text document with your working copy. This allows a truly seamless workflow for marketers and copywriting professionals. 


  • Includes a Video Script Template (& Many More): The most frustrating aspect of using templates when testing AI scriptwriting tools was how ineffective most of the templates actually were. The opposite is true of Hoppy Copy’s templates, with an impressive library of templates that are genuinely helpful and easy to use.
  • Seamless User Experience: Hoppy Copy’s standout feature is the platform’s user experience. The most common flaw across AI tools (aside from poor writing generation) was clunky and confusing tool navigation. In this realm, Hoppy Copy is a step above the competition. 


  • Unfavorable Pricing Model: At the time of writing, Hoppy Copy starts at $23/mo, but this plan includes only 20,000 generated words. While it’s nice to have a lower price option, the plan doesn’t include enough words for most use cases. The next plan up is $39/mo and includes 100,000 generated words. Compare that to Jasper, which starts at $39/mo for unlimited generated words. 
  • Word Count Frustration: Hoppy Copy’s UI has one big flaw. There’s no record of your conversation with AI, which means you can accidentally hit your word count and have nothing to show for it. To save AI generations, you must “Insert” the text from the AI Chat or Template into the Document on the right side of the screen. The whole process is far from intuitive, leading to a potentially costly and frustrating learning curve.

Cost: Starting at $23/mo

Convert Your AI-Written Script into an AI-Generated Video

We thought it would be fun to grab one of the example scripts and test the end-to-end AI workflow, from writing the video script to generating and editing the video. 

There’s plenty of room for improvement, but it’s amazing to see the script come to life with music, voice-over, and stock video footage. This rough cut was produced in about 30 minutes.

Here are the steps we took to create this short video:

  1. Generate Script: We input the written prompt (created from the video script template) into several script generators. We chose the Hoppy Copy output for this video. 
  2. Input Script to Create Video: The Hoppy Copy script was pasted into Pictory, an AI video generator, where we began creating the video with its Script-to-Video tool.
  3. Choose a Video Template: You can choose from Pictory’s library of templates or create your own. These templates provide a style and branding starting point for the video.  
  4. Review Video & Customize: With Pictory, we swapped out stock images and videos, added background music, customized the branding, and more. Options will vary depending on the Script-to-Video tool you use. 
  5. Add Voiceover: Our choice for the best AI voiceover tool is ElevenLabs. We used its VoiceLab to create a realistic-sounding voiceover and uploaded it to Pictory, which auto-synced the audio with the visuals.
  6. Final Touches & Download: After previewing the video and making any final touches, we downloaded the MP4.
  7. Upload to Video Host: Upload the AI-generated video to a video hosting provider, such as SproutVideo. Now your video can easily be shared, privately or publicly. 

Check out our complete list of the best AI tools for video editing and production, including Pictory, which was used to generate the video above. 

3 Ways to Write a Script with AI 

AI can produce seriously impressive scripts. But it’s often more helpful to employ AI as an assistant, rather than asking it to do all the work for you. Here are a few ways you can use AI to brainstorm fresh ideas and expedite scriptwriting. 

Conduct Dynamic Solo Brainstorms

Brainstorming in a group setting synthesizes more engaging, interesting perspectives. Artificial intelligence can quickly gather a large range of potential ideas. To get effective and customized output, you will need to ask specific questions or provide significant detail. 

Using our example from before, you might ask AI to, “provide 40 different potential settings for an explainer video about a luxury, organic makeup brand for affluent women in their 30s who value sustainable business practices and desire a minimal but stunning daily beauty routine.”

Alternatively, you might include those same product and brand details but ask AI to, “write 40 different taglines for this brand,” or, “write a story about a woman who uses this makeup.” 

AI output is hugely dependent on the input. Introduce various different prompts or ask for a significant number of responses to conduct a productive solo brainstorming session.

Get a Rewrite to Gain Perspective

AI learns from the content that already exists across the internet. Therefore it’s not always ideal to write the first draft using AI. The boundless originality of the human imagination is a huge asset that shouldn’t be quickly discarded for convenience. But whether you hit writer’s block or need some insight into your own writing, consider asking AI to rewrite your first draft. 

Be specific with your rewrite request. Instead of simply asking AI to, “rewrite the script,” be specific about what you want to be changed. For example, you can ask AI to expand the script, add uniqueness, or change the setting. Consider what you want to be changed in the script and use precise words to generate a useful rewrite. 

Which AI Writing Tool Is the Best at Rewriting Copy? 

Without additional instruction, how well do our favorite AI script generators rewrite scripts? That may depend on your preferences! 

  • ChatGPT changed as little as possible by selecting synonyms while keeping the same general outline and sentence structure. 
  • Jasper took significantly more liberties by condensing sections of dialogue and expanding sensory elements. 
  • Hoppy Copy was the “Goldilocks” of the group, providing genuinely helpful rewrites of some sentences, rather than only changing individual words or rewriting the overall text.

We found this feature to be particularly helpful for rewriting clunky text or fixing sentence structure. At a minimum, AI rewriting can take pressure off of the first draft by allowing you to produce multiple, similar iterations. This makes it easier to identify weaker sections to improve the second version.

Mimic a Viral Video

It’s not easy to write a script that engages a wide audience. But there are a lot of viral videos that have done just that. Why not use AI to generate a similar tone (emotional, humorous, etc.)?

To test this out, we asked ChatGPT to mimic “1984“, a classic Apple commercial that first introduced the Macintosh personal computer. 

  • Make sure to reference a video produced before September 2021, since ChatGPT doesn’t have information past that point.
  • Ask AI to write a script inspired by the name of the commercial and brand. For example, we asked ChatGPT to generate, “Video Script for XYZ Makeup (Inspired by Apple’s “1984” ad)

The results are shockingly accurate — even too similar at times to use. In this case, a parody of this classic commercial would likely be a big hit.

ChatGPT-Generated Video Script Based on Viral Video

[Scene 1: A stark, monochrome environment. Rows of women sit in front of identical, oversized vanity mirrors, applying thick, heavy makeup robotically. A large screen at the front shows an overbearing figure advertising mainstream, chemical makeup. There’s a cold, industrial hum.]
Overbearing Figure: Conformity is beauty. Layers mask imperfections.
[Scene 2: From the back of the room, a lone woman, distinct and vibrant in color, runs forward, clutching a sleek, minimalist XYZ Makeup kit. The atmosphere is tense, the monochrome women turn their heads slowly, watching her.]
Narrator (Whispered V.O.): Break free.
[Scene 3: The woman reaches the front, throwing the XYZ Makeup kit at the large screen. As it makes contact, the screen shatters into a burst of radiant, natural colors – representing the organic ingredients. The monochrome room starts to saturate with color.]
Narrator (V.O.): XYZ Makeup. Dare to be different. Embrace the organic, the minimalist.
[Scene 4: The formerly monochrome women now appear curious, picking up XYZ brushes and makeup, exploring them. Their faces begin to transform, revealing their individuality and natural beauty.]
Narrator (V.O.): For the sensitive souls yearning for purity in a world of chaos.
[Scene 5: The room is now awash with color. Close-up of the XYZ Makeup logo with the tagline.]
Narrator (V.O.): Rediscover your essence. XYZ Makeup. Beauty redefined.
[Scene slowly fades to black.]

Provide minimal information for best results. Use follow-up requests to customize the output for your brand or products.

What Makes an AI Writing Tool Good?

Among the 30+ tools we tested, many were built specifically for scriptwriting. While some of these tools offered useful features for screenplay writers, none of them were built for marketing writing and failed to meet our standards. 

Additionally, the vast majority of AI writing tools relied too heavily on their contract with OpenAI, as well as a handful of mediocre templates. If the AI writing tool you’re considering only offers these basic features, the free version of ChatGPT is sufficient. 

Instead, the best AI script writers (and AI writing tools overall) are those that:

  • Offer the ability to save information about your brand.
  • Provide the ability to “chat” directly with AI.
  • Include specific templates that the AI utilizes well. 
  • Integrate AI with a solid writing user experience.
  • Utilize multiple AI models (generally)

Many of the tools we tested were unintuitive, produced overly simplified copy, and failed to compete with the free version of ChatGPT. But the three AI writing tools we chose can be used to produce quality videos from draft one through the final script. 

Ready for more? Discover AI tools for video production or brainstorm corporate video ideas with tips for creating your own. Get inspired by the power of video for customer support or learn how to make a website for your videos in less than an hour

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